Qtica Intense Hand Rejuvenating Peel

Qtica Intense Hand Rejuvenating Peel

No mess, no fuss! Super skin smoother! Instantly remove dry,
damaged and dead skin layers to reveal a younger healthier skin.

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A gentle, yet very effective combination of plant and herbal extracts as well as B-complex vitamins and anti-oxidants, designed to apply quickly and give you instant results! Leaves hands smooth, refreshed and supple! Prior to cleaning and polishing the nail, apply a small amount of Rejuvenating Peel to hands and massage gently until peel thickens and clumps. Dead, dry and damaged skin have been removed. Simply wipe off and follow by your regular manicure procedure. Non-allergenic! Non-greasy! No animal testing!
  • Leaves hands smooth, refreshed and supple!
  • No mess, no fuss! Super skin smoother!
  • Instantly remove dry, damaged and dead skin layers
  • Reveals younger, healthier skin
  • Gentle, yet very effective combination of plant and herbal extracts
  • B-complex vitamins and anti-oxidants
  • Designed to apply quickly and give you instant results

KEY INGREDIENTS: Salicylic Acid: a potent and safe chemical exfoliant that dissolves the bonds holding dead skin cells together, loosening the rough upper layers of skin and faciliating their removal. Liquid Pumice: mechanically lifts up dead cells that the acid has loosened. Both the Foot Scrub and Hand Peel feature a sloughing cream base with fatty acids that allow loosened and lifted cells to be rolled off the skin, even without rinsing, to reveal new, smooth, undamaged skin layers. The formulas are also infused with Paraffin, a powerful moisturizer that mimics the skin’s lipid barrier, portecting the new skin from the environment and locking in the skin’s natural moisture.

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About Qtica

QTICA targets the most common problems faced by 95% of consumers by providing them with the highest grade, patented salon and spa products available. Consisting of targeted treatment products for nail, hand, foot and body, Qtica products deliver almost immediate intense, guaranteed results. Qtica products are marketed through high-end salons and spas within the professional treatment industry in the U.S., Canada and Europe. This network also includes several new strategic business partnerships with several prestigious speciality boutiques. Using only the finest ingredients imported from France, Switzerland and South America, Qtica is dedicated to incorporating the latest medical technologies and advanced ingredients to enhance product quality. Many formulations in the Qtica line are so unique that they are patented. All products are dermatologist tested and non-allergenic. QTICA products are developed by Art of Beauty, the same famous company producing the leading Zoya nail polish and Qtica Smart SPA system for professional SPA manicure and pedicure services.