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Cuccio Naturale Forte Nail Nourishing Stick

Cuccio Naturalé Forté Nail Nourishing Stick

The slim applicator tube can be easily taken along in a small purse or makeup bag for quick and easy touch up treatments to hydrate dry or cracked cuticles on fingers or toes and promote healthy, natural nail growth.

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It is important to keep the cuticle hydrated & sealed to reduce the chance for infection or irritation to the skin around the nails. Forté Plus Cuticle Nutrient Pen is enriched with a blend of shea butter, vitamin A, C, & B-12, and nonychosine-E. This advanced formula is scientifically proven to help grow stronger & healthier natural nails. Vital vitamins and nutrients are delivered through the cuticle to the nail matrix.


For over 25 years, Tony Cuccio and his team have been at the forefront of the global nail industry – supporting the nail technician with professional tools, education and services to maintain a successful career in their chosen field. A true entrepreneur Tony and his partner, Roberta literally built their brand Star Nail from a suitcase of cosmetics on Venice Beach and transformed it into a global brand leader by focusing on producing the highest quality products at affordable prices. Regularly travelling to over 90 countries, Tony is always on the look out for unique products and innovative services. He believes the success of business is “based on turning customers’ salon visits into mini spa retreats and enhancing clients’ spa visits with fragrant and therapeutic experiences”. To bring this to life, he created Cuccio Naturalé and along with it, many Themed Signature Spa Services to further enhance the experience.

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