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Atar Lux Rescue Balm

Atar Lux Rescue Balm

Indicated for inflamed and contracted areas, it has soothing action

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Concentrated 100% natural wax balm with eucalyptus and organic lavender which can be easily applied on the whole body. Its soft texture is ideal for massaging inflamed and contracted areas. Muscles relax with soothing action of eucalyptus relieves pain, menthol stimulates microcirculation and tissue metabolism, and lavender has an antiseptic and analgesic effect.


  • Jojoba: anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and softening properties
  • Lavender: soothing, cicatrizing, refreshing and anti – inflammatory properties
  • Eucalyptus: anti – rheumatic, antiseptic, balsamic, decongestant, deodorizing and diuretic properties

The word Atar, of Indo-Iranian origin, dates back to the Zoroastrian perio. It means "divine fire", "visible and invisible fire", source of light and heat. Essence (of flowers) "spices", "perfumes", natural floral aromas created by slow and tempereture distillation. A true passion for well being:  home fragrances and natural cosmetics to accompany blissful relaxing moments. Atar’s products are natural, ecological and hand made, with elegant designs; true modern craftsmanship. Absolute devotion to our job, research into style and design, naturalness of our products best express our values.

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