Summe Cosmetics In One's Pocket - Come to the Point 30ml

Summe Cosmetics In One's Pocket - Come to the Point

Impurities and pimples corrector.

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Face gel to correct impurities which, when applied locally, accelerates the drying of the pimple, preventing its infection. Antibacterial properties. Contains ingredients that normalize the production of skin fat. Soothing action of redness. Infallible solution against uncomfortable pimples that sometimes appear suddenly on the face.


Cytobiol Iris A2: A synergistic blend of three active ingredients that combat the functional and physical signs of acne, both in the most common form in adolescents (hormonal causes) and in the adult form (due to lifestyle and environment). It purifies the skin and reduces the shiny effect and visible pores. Fights stains and imperfections. Helps prevent outbreaks.

Unique synergistic blend of: White lily rhizome extract (anti-inflammatory and astringent), vitamin A (sebum regulator and skin regenerator) and zinc salt (antibacterial and sebum regulator).

Zinc Sulfate: Zinc is known for its inhibitory action on reductase. The antiseptic activity of zinc also limits bacterial colonization.

Malaleuca Oil: Antifungal, antiseptic, antibiotic, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, immunostimulant, insecticide and fungicide.

Chlorhexidine: Disinfectant with bactericidal and fungicidal action. The antimicrobial effect of chlorhexidine gluconate is caused by the rupture of the microbial cell membrane.

Camphor: regulates the excess of sebum.

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About Summe Cosmetics

Professionals with years of experience in the research, manufacturing, marketing and application of professional cosmetics have made this possible: Summe Cosmetics.
A new and modern brand, with fresh urban ideas and cutting-edge technology has achieved something very challenging; it has united youthful energy with years of work experience. A large group of professional beauticians from all over Spain enthusiastically welcomed the idea of creating a brand specially made for them that responded to their real needs. Their ideas, suggestions and experience have been vital in giving shape to the first product lines. The efforts of various professionals were gathered into a single common objective: Creating a strong brand that defends the identity and profession of beauticians with high quality products at competitive prices.