Summe Cosmetics Global Svelt - Peeling Corporal Rhiolite 450ml

Summe Cosmetics Global Svelt - Peeling Corporal Rhiolite

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Body peeling with Rhiolite, low-density volcanic rock with great abrasive power, which favours optimal exfoliation, skin renewal and smoothing of the epidermis, respecting the hydrolipidic mantle. It contains Papayaslim for active lipolytic action. Particularly indicated as a step prior to any body treatment, or as a preparation before sun exposure to UVA rays.


Rhiolite: Low-density volcanic rock formed by the magma of the Stromboli volcanoes (a small island in the Tyrrhenian Sea). Thanks to its great abrasive power it produces a uniform exfoliation. Thanks to its mineral characteristics it is ideal for regenerating the skin and smoothing it while respecting the hydrolipidic mantle.

Apricot seeds: exfoliating action, cleanses the skin without irritating it.

Papayaslim: Active with a powerful lipolytic action, which translates into a significant reduction in the volume of the abdomen and a substantial improvement in the softness, firmness and tone of the skin.

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