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Emani V2 Blush Vegan Brush

Emani V2 Blush Vegan Brush

High-quality brushes are absolutely essential in makeup application.  In order to get the most out of your Emani Vegan Cosmetics makeup, we highly recommended you pick up one of Emani’s vegan brush options with your makeup purchase.

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We’ve all seen it before!  Blush that looks like a red streak of paint across someone’s cheek.  It’s neither flattering nor natural-looking, and it’s easily avoided with a few makeup application tips and the right tools for the job.  In order to apply blush that looks natural, blended, and beautiful, you need high-quality makeup as well as the right brush to put it on.

The Emani V2 Blush Brush is a must-have addition to your makeup kit for perfect blush application every time.  Say goodbye to unnatural, streaky color, and say hello to organic color that blends perfectly into your face.

Featuring ultra-soft, non-irritating bristles, the Emani V2 Blush Brush glides smoothly across the cheeks, leaving behind just the right amount of blush.  Perfectly paired with Emani crushed and loose brush, this brush blends makeup into the skin for a natural look and glowing radiance with the perfect amount of color.

Recommended Skin Types

The Emani V2 Blush Brush is recommended for all skin types and works best with Emani Pressed Blush and Emani Crushed Blush.


EMANI Vegan Cosmetics is rooted in the transformational journey of its founder, Michelle Doan. Michelle suffered from cystic acne and sensitive skin her entire life. After trying various treatment programs and different types of makeup to cover her problematic skin, her condition only worsened. Frustrated with the way mainstream cosmetics products only exacerbated her skin issues, she set out to create a line of clean, glamorous makeup suitable for even the most discriminating skin types.EMANI Vegan Cosmetics manufactures a luxurious line of makeup products that goes on light and smooth to beautify your complexion and provide long-lasting wear without irritating even the most sensitive skin types. Emani products do not contain skin-irritants or harmful ingredients such as petrochemicals, nano-particles, artificial dyes, parabens, or fillers. Formulated for the most sensitive and discriminating skin, Emani makeup uses natural ingredients to nourish the skin and encourage healthy skin-cell regeneration for a fresh, gorgeous complexion. Beyond the evolution of mineral makeup, it is our mission to provide clean, high-performance products for beauty enthusiasts, professional makeup artists, fashionistas, and eco-conscious women who are as passionate about recycling as they are about Prada.

Most of all, Emani passionately believes in individual beauty. We believe that all women are beautiful, and we aim to empower that beauty with colorful, fashionable, health-conscious, glamorous makeup. You are beautiful inside and out! Our goal is to enhance that beauty so you feel confident and gorgeous every time you look in the mirror and every time you walk out your door. Emani Vegan Cosmetics is the balanced combination of compassionate and conscious living, a commitment to healthy, beautiful skin, and empowering you to be your classy, edgy, sophisticated, suggestive, true self. Since 1998, all EMANI makeup products are made exclusively in the USA. All Emani products are cruelty-free and composed entirely of vegan ingredients that are non-irritating to the skin.

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