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Smoke & Mirrors

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  • Zoya TAO Zoya TAO Available
    Zoya TAO

    A light smoke grey with blue undertones and a muted, softened metallic finish. A cool metallic machine shade for a rock'n'roll look.

    19.00 CHF
  • Zoya JANA Zoya JANA Available
    Zoya JANA

    A medium nude putty creme with grey, mauve and purple tones.? Definitely not your plain old nude, this one's edgy but still appropriate.

    19.00 CHF
  • Zoya PETRA Zoya PETRA Available
    Zoya PETRA

    A dark, smoky, dusky grey creme with strong purple undertones. A popular purple-grey creme, darker than Kelly and with more purple.

    19.00 CHF
  • Zoya CODIE Zoya CODIE Available
    Zoya CODIE

    A blackened espresso brown creme with subtle olive undertones. Great for when you want something dark and dramatic but not black.

    9.50 CHF 19.00 CHF -50%
  • Zoya ANJA Zoya ANJA Available
    Zoya ANJA

    A rich, deep, vampy red-toned wine purple with a glossy creme finish.This vampy shade is both sexy and elegant.

    19.00 CHF
  • Zoya CYNTHIA Zoya CYNTHIA Available
    Zoya CYNTHIA

    A smoky, blackened peacock teal with soft warm undertones. A very uncommon shade of blue for a subtle but funky look.

    19.00 CHF
  • Zoya DREE Zoya DREE Available
    Zoya DREE

    A light, dusty drab olive green with yellow tones and a touch of grey. Brings the look of camouflage to your nails for a subtle green look.

    19.00 CHF
  • Zoya NIMUE Zoya NIMUE Available
    Zoya NIMUE

    A smoky muted thistle purple with blue and mauve tones and a silvered metallic finish. An unexpected soft metallic for an antiqued nail look.

    19.00 CHF
  • Zoya MARINA Zoya MARINA Available
    Zoya MARINA

    A strongly blue-toned smoky silver-grey with a dusty metallic finish. A blue smoke shade to give a dreamy artistic look to the nails.

    19.00 CHF
  • Zoya YARA Zoya YARA Available
    Zoya YARA

    A medium smoky olive drab with an illuminating splash of bright gold glitter. An olive drab that's anything but- it's completely glam.

    19.00 CHF
  • Zoya NEEKA Zoya NEEKA Available
    Zoya NEEKA

    A greyed amethyst with subtle red duochrome shimmer and bright gold glitter accents. A fascinating, unique shade that manages to be glittery but not too flashy.

    19.00 CHF
  • Zoya JEM Zoya JEM Available
    Zoya JEM

    A dark red-toned purple base with metallic dark pink highlights and subtle gold duochrome flecks. This shade has it all; bold color, vampy drama, bright sparkle and a glam rock person.

    19.00 CHF

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