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Cuccio Naturalé was founded in 1999 by Anthony Cuccio and Roberta Cuccio, true visionaries and trendsetters in the beauty industry. Cuccio was the first natural nail, hand and foot care treatment line. As part of Star Nails, the firm is the largest nail and beauty product manufacturer in the world. Today, Cuccio is used in top spas and salons throughout the world. Cuccio Naturalé products are never tested on animals.

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Cuccio Naturalé Lyte Butter Lotion Milch & Honey-237ml
Body Lotion

Cuccio Naturalé Lyte Butter Lotion

The sheer, lighter side of Cuccio Naturale Butter Blends for instant hydration in an easy-to-apply pump bottle. Twenty-four hour time released emollients naturally rehydrate for smother & more radiant skin.
Daily Skin Polisher Milk & Honey 237ml
Hands & Feet

Cuccio Naturalé Daily Skin Polisher

A skin polisher that creates a gentle exfoliation process by liftingdead cells from the skin's surface, creating healthier, more radiant looking skin.
Cuccio Naturale Forte Nail Nourishing Stick
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Nail Care

Cuccio Naturalé Forté Nail Nourishing Stick

CHF8.50 CHF17.00
The slim applicator tube can be easily taken along in a small purse or makeup bag for quick and easy touch up treatments to hydrate dry or cracked cuticles on fingers or toes and promote healthy, natural nail growth.
Cuccio Naturalé Milk Bath
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Bath & Shower

Cuccio Naturalé Milk Bath

CHF21.00 CHF42.00
100% Pure Soothing Effervescent Milk Bath for Manicure, Pedicure & Full Body Treatment infused with Milk & Honey
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